Say hello to my new cousin!!!!!!!

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Today, I want to introduce my new cousin.

Two days ago, I heard a news from my mother about aunt gave a birth to her baby daughter two monthes ago. Here is the picture of the baby.


Her name is Hannah Kwak, and she is now 2 monthes old. I am so happy to have another cousin~~~~!!!!!!^^

Picture reference: From my mother’s phone camera.

Today’s Funny Story

funny story

Here is the funny story I read today. There was the child who asked his mother what makes your hair color turn into grey. At this point, she wanted to teach her child lesson, so she replied, “if you do something wrong, my hair color turns into grey each by each.” Then the child replied, “Now I understand why grandmother has only grey hair.”

Yeah right mother…….you were like me when you were a child……okay.

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Triplets Received Cancer Support from Strangers

heartwarming story

There are triplets who has cancer got support from strangers. Those children name Thomas, Luke and Mason carried eye cancer which is rare, but they are now safe thanks to people provided support and donated thousands dollars.

Parents of three children said they are going to get a temporary house while their children receiving treatment and they are also overwhelmed with people’s offer of housing.

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Special Wedding Photo

heartwarming story

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There was a man who took a wedding photo with his daughter. What’s special about these pictures on the video is they took photo in analogy to the man’s wife’s wedding photo.

The man’s wife carried a rare cancers which made her passed away after giving a birth to her daughter.

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Lion Also Knows How to Express Thank You to His Ruscuer.

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IMG_1571If it is to choose fearful animals, we might pick lion as one of it. Because lion is carnivor after all and people call lion the king of jungle. However, lions being carnivor and king of jungle, does not mean they are always heartless.

At colombia, there is a women who rescued African lion which was almost dying six years ago and healed him. After she sent the lion to the zoo and when to the lion’s home see him again, the lion hugged her to show his thanks to her.

Indeed lions are dangerous animals to people, but we should also think that lions also have soft side deep in their hearts as well.

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Young Girl Donated Her Hair for Kids with Cancer.

heartwarming story

What would you do if you grow your hair long? some people might dye and tie or perm their hair to make themselves look better. Some people might just get a haircut to make themselves look nice. Sometimes, it will be nice to get a haircut to help children with cancer.

Here is a heartwarming story which three year old girl named Emily James who had a long hair got a haircut and donated her hair to the non-profit organization called “Locks of Love” which take hair of donator and use these to make hairpieces for those children who lost their hair because of their cancer. “I don’t want any kid to be sad that they have no hair,” Emily said.

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